Training for employment

Employment Readiness Program

This program was developed by New Community Shelter staff to support our unemployed and underemployed residents. In this group they learn how to fill out a job application, develop a resume, and practice interviewing skills.  In addition, special topics such as Positive Self-talk, Self-Empowerment, Active Listening, Conflict Resolution, and others are discussed.

The residents are encouraged to seek employment opportunities and discuss with the group any successes or difficulties they encounter. The group offers support when situations appear difficult or hopeless. Any Emergency Shelter Program residents who are unemployed are required to attend the Employment Readiness Program; employed residents are expected to attend as determined by their Case Management plan.  The program is facilitated by the shelter’s case management team or volunteer local employers and professionals Monday- Thursday 8am-9am.

Application Assistance

Volunteers come to the shelter each week to assist residents one-on-one with filling out applications. The resident will receive assistance with either on-line or paper applications.


All residents have access to the Computer Lab for educational and business from 5am-10pm.  To assist residents with building computer skills, classes with a volunteer instructor and one-on-one assistance is available.

Mock Interviewing

Residents are able to practice doing an interview with a volunteer who has experience in the hiring process. Constructive feedback is given so residents can continue to improve their interviewing skills.

Resume Assistance

A volunteer comes to the shelter each week to assist residents one-on-one with preparing a resume. By the end of the session, the resident will have a resume printed on resume paper and have the resume saved for future use.



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